Bow Wow is Misunderstood Ep. 1

“You do sell your soul, you ask for all of this sh*t. But you don’t know the bullsh*t that will come with it.”

In an up close and personal mini-documentary, Shad Moss shares his inner most feelings and the effects of the music industry. We all know that social media has had it out for our childhood favorite, Bow Wow. On many occasions he has lashed out on Twitter and Instagram in response to prodding posts. In this mini-series, Shad Moss tells his side of the story. Misunderstood is under 15 minutes and very enlightening.

Moss explains the Lil Bow Wow effect and how it changed his childhood, and ultimately translated into adulthood. Growing up in the limelight has taken a toll, “I’m really on an island alone and people don’t understand how that feels.” He also talks about his battle with paranoia and anxiety. It’s evident that the world is in dire need of more compassion and selflessness.

I’m searching for peace.

Here we have a man expressing that there is a portion of his life that he couldn’t experience because he was a child star.  We have to find it in ourselves to be more understanding; hoping others will offer us the same courtesy.

Watch Misunderstood below and stay tuned to for episode 2!


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