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No Longer a Myth, Jay Electronica’s Debut Album is Here

Guys it really happened! The phantom of Hip-Hop Jay Electronica has FINALLY released his debut album.

Let me tell you folks something: IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

I have been mulling over new “rap” music, if that’s what you want to call what’s been coming out as of lately. It lacks depth, there’s no meaning, and there’s little to no wordplay.

How long have real Hip-Hop enthusiasts been longing for the spoken word over beat from Electronica? There’s only been about 10 false release dates over a 10 year span of time.
The album features Travis Scott, The-Dream and Hov. Electronica and Jay Z have a long standing friendship. For years; Hov and other Hip-Hop OGs like Diddy, have encouraged Electronica to release his music because it is needed in the industry.

They were right, #AWrittenTestimony is more riveting than I could have ever imagined. From beginning to end, a story unfolds. A story written over years of living and understanding. Jay Electronica shares his gripes with releasing his music, the pain of losing his mother, and navigating life as a black man among other things.

In “The Blinding,” Electronica details his internal battle over sharing his music with the masses.
…When I lay down in my bed it’s like my head in the vice
When I look inside the mirror all I see is flaws
When I look inside the mural all I see is walls
And the wee hours of night, tryna squeeze out bars
Bismillah, just so y’all could pick me apart?
” He questions.

#AWrittenTestimony has one hell of a producer list:

Jay Electronica, Hit-Boy, Young Guru, Khruangbin, NO I.D., The Alchemist, Swizz Beats, AraabMuzik, and G. Ry.
Read that group again! Some of Hip-Hop’s most mechanical beat technicians were called in for this debut release.
Electronica also called on other artists for faint vocal additions. Artists like James Fauntleroy and James Blake known for their rich voices.

Trading bars back and forth across tracks; Hov and Electronica illustrate illustrious myriads of words easy to visualize and almost reach out and touch.
I have to thank Jay Electronica for sharing his mind, his heart, and his art with the world. #AWrittenTestimony is one of the most solid debut albums in Hip-Hop history.

Hov is all of us right now embracing Jay!

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