New Unreleased Kendrick Lamar Tracks Seize the Internet

Eight previously unreleased Kendrick Lamar tracks have hit the internet. The cover art reads ” Bad Kid Chill City: A Short Film by Kendrick Lamar.” Was this supposed to be his second studio album instead of To Pimp a Butterfly? After all, it was released three years after his debut. Should we be expecting a mini-movie? Kendrick is a multi-talented artist, one could only wonder what content he has stashed away.

In the first song “Gang Member” Kendrick Lamar references his monstrous debut album, “Good Kid Maad City.” Bad Kid Chill City” sounds like a softer appendage of GKMC. The song composition is very much so ‘chill.’ Yet it is filled with imagery and is not short of soulful tracks. Sza, and Isaiah Rashad harmonize on two of those soulful songs, while Jay Rock, Ab Soul, and Busta Rhyme compliment Kendrick’s intricate bars with their own.

Enjoy Bad Kid Chill City below:


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