Oops? He Did it Again!

Cleveland Cavalier Center, Tristan Thompson has fallen off the wagon again. The faithful wagon that is.

Thompson shocked the mother of his first child, Jordan Craig when he cheated on her. At the time Craig was pregnant and the two were engaged. To add insult to injury, Thompson’s mistress was no other than a Kardashian; Social media queens.

Khloe Kardashian flaunted her relationship with Thompson on Instagram and shared the precious moments of her journey to motherhood. She also preached about sisterhood and women not bringing one another down. However, here she was stepping on the toes of another woman.


In recent news, Tristan has been recorded out with a menage of women in his lap. TMZ also caught Thompson and an estranged woman leaving his hotel. Aunyea Lachelle fills us in on all the details, check it out below:



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