Rapper Pop Smoke Murdered in Home Invasion

The 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper whose real name is, Bashar Barakah Jackson, was found slain after reports of a home invasion in California.

Pop Smoke was just beginning to enjoy his success, purchasing a home in Beverly Hills. Unbeknownst to him this would lead to his untimely demise.

Fans took to Instagram hastily once the news broke. They congregated under one picture that raised some questions. See the post below:

The photo shows the address of Smoke’s recently purchased home posted by a friend. Some speculate a setup.

Conspiracy theories aside; This is a sad reality for entertainers. They become targets once they’ve reached a certain indicator of success. Moving from Brooklyn to Beverly Hills just to be killed in a home invasion is a hard thought to process.

My thoughts are with his family and close friends, and the many fans who resonated with his energetic music.

Rest Well

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