Real Deal Berns and Jim Jones Have Money on Their Mind

Washington Heights bred rapper Real Deal Berns is bringing the art of authentic storytelling back into hip-hop. New York serves as an intricate ventricle in Hip-Hop’s journey to the #1 genre of music. Berns delivers the nostalgic sound of its origins on the track, Money on My Mind (M.O.M.M.)

“Real deal,” is not just a stage name. Berns’ lyrical integrity is the pillar of his discography. He only recites what he’s actually been through. Giving the truth of his uptown NYC upbringing, Berns champions the humility of his roots, both in name and music. “Real Deal” pays homage to his confidant and musical inspiration who was slain back in 2005.

Listen to M.O.M.M. (Money on My Mind) below and make sure you keep up with Berns and check in with Capo and the Diplomats.

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