Lil Wayne and Swizz Beatz are on Fire with P.O.M.S.

It’s show time!

Hip-Hop producer extraordinaire Swizz Beatz has returned in a blaze. Aside him, one of the greatest rappers alive. After winning his lawsuit against Cash Money, and more recently becoming the sole owner of Young Money Entertainment, the beast is off the leash. Lil Wayne rains hell fire over the beat partially produced by Alicia Keys, Swizzy, and AraabMUZIK. Pistol On My Side (POMS) is an example of why Hip-Hop has become the most popular genre of music. Our living legends are still creating music at a superior level. There is still much to be learned from icons like Swizz Beats and Lil Wayne. There’s even something to be learned from our newer favorite rappers. This time around, Swizz decided to take some direction from air to the rap throne, J. Cole. In an interview with Vibe he explained, “He came to the studio, and I played the first five tracks. He was like, ‘damn.’ Then I played him the ‘big’ sh*t,” he continued, “He was telling me everything I was feeling. ‘It’s going to go, but I need more of (the previous songs).’ He was the first person to say that. I could see people’s body language say it, but nobody said it. Not even people on my team.

Pistol On My Side is the first single from Swizz’s upcoming album Poison. The album is set to release Nov. 2, 2018. It features more megastars like Young Thug, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Jadakiss, Styles P, and Pusha-T.


Watch the video for POMS above.

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