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Viral Sensation: Xian Bell

We all scroll our timelines aimlessly while at work or walking through the market. This time, I found a gem.

Social Media has made it possible for artists to gain a following and promote themselves without the medaling of record execs or A&Rs.

Mr. Xian Bell posted an adorably hilarious video of his mother. He says, every time he and his siblings surprise their mother with a gift she goes and gets dressed up and makes them record giving her the gift.

The visual for his single A Dollar and a Promise , dances below, teasing unsuspecting tweeters, like myself.

Xian provides a totally unique sound, delivering emotion in the coolest manner possible. He sings of love and linking with friends…getting lit and shooting the sh*t.

Check out the video above and stream the EP, You We’re in My Dream here.

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